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On a global scale, car accidents are the eighth leading cause of death. While the World Health Organization takes a look at the bigger picture, you need help on a more personal level. After an auto accident, anyone involved could suffer from a wide variety of injuries. A Fayetteville car accident lawyer can guide you through the aftermath of your wreck.

In addition to recovering physically, many people and families struggle with recovering emotionally or financially. A motor vehicle accident can leave people traumatized, unable to drive, and in extreme mental duress. Injured persons may lose limbs, the ability to walk, and more. Even downplayed injuries such as whiplash come with their fair share of pain.

You don’t have to go through cleaning up after a wreck alone. With legal help, you can pick your way through your insurance company and navigate through additional action if necessary. Car accident attorneys work to protect victims from unfair insurance practices.

Insurance companies will do almost everything possible to avoid paying out what is reasonable or fair. Much less will they quickly hand out full compensation? You need a professional on your side of the fight. When you take legal action or involve an attorney, you’re sending the message that you want what you deserve.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Fayetteville Car Accident Lawyer ?

In Fayetteville, AR too often people go without an attorney because the cost of a lawyer is a significant concern. Fortunately, you can access quality legal representation on a contingency fee basis. Attorneys that work on a contingency fee don’t require any upfront payment. Additionally, you only have to pay your attorney a set percentage of what you get through your compensation award.

Because you’re not putting any money down at the beginning of the arrangement, you will need to reimburse the law firm for any expenses that came with your case. These expenses often include requesting your medical records, cost of expert witnesses, and court fees. This will often come out of your compensation as well, rather than receiving a bill.

What happens if you don’t receive any compensation? If you don’t receive any compensation, then you don’t have any fee to pay your attorney.

A contingency fee basis is an excellent option for those who are already suffering financially from the car accident. You’re not pulling money out of your pocket. It creates the opportunity for exceptional legal representation regardless of what is currently in your bank account.

Contingency fees will also keep your lawyer on their toes. As they are taking the risk of investing time and effort into your case, they want to win as much as you do. If your lawyer doesn’t succeed, then they lose out too.

When you compare the contingency fee arrangement next to an hourly-rate attorney, you have greater confidence that your lawyer will put in the work necessary.

Aside from the fee, you’ll want to ensure that you and the person you hire will work well together. Finding a good fit means that you need to review the contingency fee agreement before signing it carefully. Be sure to ask a few questions as well.

When looking for the right attorney, ask:

  • What percentage will I pay for the contingency fee?
  • What expenses do you believe will incur as part of this case?
  • When can you expect case updates?

Lawyers may not be able to provide exact dollar amounts or dates, but they should be able to explain the aspects of their estimate and how they arrived at that figure.

Why Should I Hire A Car Accident Attorney?

After seeking immediate medical attention, you should consider calling a Fayetteville auto accident attorney right away. Victims of car wrecks often don’t realize how urgently they need to move after their accident. When it comes to collecting factual data and evidence, your timeframe of involving the right people can change everything.

A Fayetteville car accident lawyer can serve as a key person in bringing together the data and evidence for your case. Evidence loses its credibility or can completely become irrelevant over time. If the city paints over tire marks on a road divider, that evidence is gone. If you hesitate, you may lose your case. However, if you act quickly, you can bring together critical aspects of your crash for a stronger case.

Our team of experienced personnel will go through the data, your claim, evidence, and the parties involved. Then, they will craft a strategy to create the most persuasive case for your crash.

One of the more significant issues that comes after an accident that a car wreck lawyer can help with is establishing proof. Identifying witnesses, police officers, and even working with crash reconstruction experts are all functions that a Fayetteville auto accident attorney can deliver.

What Should I Do After A Car Accident?


What To Do After A Car Accident In Arizona Infographic

Many people know the general steps to take after a crash, but when it happens, everyone involved is a little on edge. There are some steps that you must always take to protect yourself.

Call the police and file a report. Even for small fender benders, you want to submit a police report. An accident report is not pinning anything on anyone. It is serving as a formal document or proof of your crash. The police may even be necessary. If you believe that the other person was intoxicated or that they may become belligerent, request that the police respond immediately.

After contacting the police, you need to collect information. Again, if the other driver is unruly or under the influence, the police may do this for you as part of their report. Most of the time, this falls to your responsibility, though. When collecting information, you need their name, insurance information, license number, drivers ID number, address, and car information. The car information can be as simple as their make, model, and car’s color.

If necessary, you need to seek medical attention. If EMTs or first responders arrived in response to the crash, they could advise you on whether or not you need to go to the hospital. For serious injuries, they will likely escort you to the Emergency Room.

However, many car wrecks don’t include serious injuries. Most crashes involve property damage more than anything else, and if you’re not injured, you don’t need to see a doctor. Now, if you have visible injuries, are bleeding, or feeling pain, seek medical attention.

If you suspect that you have injuries, but they are not severe, consider going to an Urgent Care center or making an appointment with your doctor for the next day. There is the effect of adrenaline and stress impacting your system right after a crash. Even severe injuries might seem less significant.

If an EMT or first responder advises you to seek medical attention, listen to them.

Car Accident Statistics In Arkansas

Although car accident fatalities in Arkansas are severely declining, there are still meaningful crash stats! Between 2012 and 2013 there was a 14% decrease in car wreck fatalities dropping from 560 deaths to 483.

In total, for 2012, there were 58,591 accidents or traffic instances, which is the ultimate low over the last ten years. The Arkansas State Police Highway Safety site does not update their stats every year, and 2012 is the most recent information available.

Of the crashes in 2012, 560 people experienced fatal injuries, and 3,226 people took on incapacitating injuries. Other injuries included 7,534 people with non-incapacitating injuries and 16,599 people with non-visible injuries — all were stemming from traffic accidents.

Finally, 122,390 people in crashes didn’t take on any injuries but experienced the struggle of property damage. During the 5-year window here the injury statistics are rather static. 2012 was the lowest of those five years for non-incapacitating injuries as well as fatalities.

What Can I Get For Damages From My Car Accident?

Receiving or seeking compensation for your crash is essential. Many people know they need to contact their insurance company, but they don’t know that the company’s first offer won’t include all of their damages.

If you experienced severe injuries, then you not only have to recover physically but you’ll face financial duress too. Financial challenges that come with car accidents can follow people for the rest of their life.

Without full and fair compensation for your damages, you’ll pay on the cost of medical treatment for years. Injuries such as Traumatic Brain Injury or a spinal cord injury can require ongoing or even lifelong medical care.

Medical costs can be a significant part of your compensation. When seeking damages, all medical bills and expenses should be part of a full compensation calculation. That should include physical therapy, rehabilitation, ongoing medical care, emergency treatment, any surgery, and additional expenses such as prescriptions and medical transport.

Additionally, if you were unable to work because of your injuries, you can pursue compensation for lost wages. Injuries may be temporary, but if you are without your paycheck for a few weeks that can place a significant strain on your household. Serious injuries may lead you to permanent and total disability.

You may have access to compensation for the paychecks you missed and future paychecks you were counting on that you will not receive. Usually seeking damages for lost wages and lost future wages will require involving a financial expert. They will project your paycheck growth and estimate the extent of coverage for your wages missed.

Finally, you must factor in pain and suffering. These damages are likely to be substantial portions of your claim — pain and suffering scales with the damage involved in the wreck. An auto accident with significant property damage and substantial injuries will result in higher pain and suffering compensation than a minor crash with lesser injuries or damage.

Is Arkansas A Fault Or A No-fault State?

Arkansas uses an at-fault system when it comes to recovering compensation for injuries and property damage. Car accidents in Fayetteville leave the person responsible for the accident liable for medical expenses, lost wages, and lost future income.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents In Arkansas?

Despite the name, car accidents are hardly ever accidents. They happen all across Arkansas for any number of reasons. There are five predominant causes of auto accidents.

Impaired Driving

Whether it’s alcohol, illegal or legal drugs impaired driving puts everyone on the road at risk. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recorded that about 35% of all crashes in Arkansas involved alcohol. Additionally, of those crashes, 29% of drivers had a BAC over the legal limit of .08%. Blood Alcohol Content or BAC is the measurement of the amount of alcohol present in the person’s system.

Distracted Driving

Navigation systems, cell phones, televisions, streaming videos, and many other things beside can contribute to distracted driving. Talking to a passenger can constitute distracted driving. If a driver looks away for just a moment too long, a crash can occur that was otherwise avoidable.


Speed limit laws are a limit, not a rounded figure or a guideline. When people speed and weave through the traffic, they are behaving recklessly and endangering many other drivers. Car crashes which involve high speeds are often fatal.

Adverse Weather

Arkansas is no stranger to extreme weather. Fayetteville regularly sees fog, heavy rain, thunderstorms, and tornadoes. But drivers who are too confident refuse to slow down or drive cautiously under these conditions. There are times when the weather is bad enough that no one should be driving. If you ever face adverse weather, it may be best to pull over and wait it out.

Fatigued Driving

Nearly as bad as distracted driving, arguably on par with driving under the influence, fatigued driving often impacts those who drive for a living. Career drivers such as truck drivers work with tight shipping deadlines and for companies that offer little forgiveness.

How Much Is My Case Worth?

Before you can learn how much your case is worth you need to sit down with an attorney. Only when a Fayetteville car accident lawyer learns more about your case can they offer an estimated goal compensation. Without looking at your case, no one should be able to provide you with a value on your claim.

Arkansas has rules in place that may impact the details of your claim. Additionally, the road conditions, who was at fault, and insurance companies involved will play a role in the value of your case as well. There is no such thing as an average compensation settlement.

Other Cases Our Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

Hurt in another way? Maybe it’s not clear if a car accident attorney is right for you. Our personal injury lawyers help victims of a variety of practice areas. You can get help for any of these cases, and if you believe that you have a case but don’t see the right fit here, contact our offices.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can lead to fatalities, wrongful death, or lifelong injuries. The medical care and extreme nature of these cases makes it imperative to involve a Fayetteville truck accident attorney. You may have to face the company, the driver, and the insurance companies involved. Don’t be pushed around by big companies, get legal representation.

Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle and suddenly in a crash? Motorcyclists often experience more substantial injuries as they don’t have the protection of a full vehicle around them. Work with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Fayetteville to get the facts around your crash straight.

Nursing Home Abuse

It’s unfortunate that people, specifically medical professionals, take advantage of the elderly. Nursing home abuse in Arkansas has many organizations raising awareness, but the best way to fight this issue is head on in court. You can work with a lawyer and a team of investigators to find out who is responsible and take action.

Workers Compensation

Hurt at work with little opportunity to resolve the issue? Worker’s compensation cases are often much more complicated than any worker’s comp office likes to express. We know that your claim is more than just a supplemental check. You’re trying to protect your health and your livelihood; you shouldn’t have to choose just one.

Wrongful Death

Losing someone to a crash, accident, or avoidable incident is heartbreaking. Your family needs time to grieve. Unfortunately, cases of wrongful death in Arkansas also come with extreme financial strain. Where your family may have lost a primary earner for the household, you may also have to pay for the funeral expense and medical costs that incurred before their death.

Contact a Fayetteville Car Accident Lawyer For A Free Case Review

Working with a Fayetteville injury attorney can help you build a stronger case. A stronger case, proper legal advice, and access to exceptional resources are part of hiring the right car Arkansas car accident lawyers.

Have your questions about contingency fees, case value, and what to expect through the legal process answered by an attorney who is there to help you. You’ll meet with someone who wants you to get the maximum amount of compensation so you can begin recovering from this wreck. When contacting our law offices, you will receive a free case review.

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