Suzy Daily has served as a legal secretary since 1970, shortly after attending college courses at the University of Arkansas. Suzy is also a long-time employee of the Law Offices of Jason M. Hatfield. In total, Suzy and Jason Hatfield have worked together in some capacity since 1995, back before Jason had completed law school and was working as a law clerk. After Jason graduated from law school and passed the bar, Suzy heard that Jason was opening up his own firm; she took him up on his offer to come aboard. Growing up, Suzy’s father was in the Navy. She recalls attending a different school for almost every grade. While this certainly was challenging, it instilled in Suzy the ability to adapt and get to know people from all walks of life. She uses these skills daily when interacting with clients. Suzy’s favorite part of her job is knowing that she is helping people overcome a very challenging moment in their life. Over the years, she has seen the difference that skilled legal representation can have on clients’ lives and is proud to contribute to a positive outcome in any way she can. Suzy enjoys spending time with her two children, nine grandchildren and two cats when she is not working. She is also an avid wreath-maker, selling them at local craft shows and her online store.