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Rogers Car Accident Lawyer

Rogers Car Accident Lawyer

Injuries that come from auto accidents can range from mild sprains to Traumatic Brain Injury. Regardless of your injuries, you can seek legal recourse and pursue maximum compensation. A Rogers car accident lawyer can help you work towards a full recovery. 

After a crash, victims will often feel the pressure to return to work, cut short medical treatment, and accept a settlement quickly. However, any of these issues can result in lifelong suffering, financial turmoil, and the inability to seek compensation that you deserve. Involve an attorney early into your Rogers, AR car accident claim to build a strong case and pursue fair compensation.

After a crash, you may have a hard time managing your finances. Your injuries may have caused you to miss work for a few days, weeks, or even months. Additionally, the pressure of unpaid medical expenses and missing regular bills can cause severe strain on any family or household.

When working towards a full recovery, ensure that you don’t miss any doctors or rehabilitation appointments. Additionally, only return to work when your doctor approves it. Although it can be hard to deal with daily aspects of life right now, this time will pass. Get a Rogers car accident lawyer involved to fight for your side.

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What Is the Cost of Hiring A Car Accident Attorney in Rogers, AR?

Injury and auto accident attorneys work differently than other lawyers when it comes to determining the cost. Many people do not have the means to pay for an attorney that works hourly. Especially when trying to recover from a crash financially.

Most auto wreck lawyers work on contingency, which means that they will only receive a percentage of your compensation as payment. That percentage may range between 25 to 40% and can even go higher depending on the specifics of your case and the attorney involved.

When you hire a Rogers, AR working with a contingency fee then there is no cost for you until you receive compensation. If you don’t receive any compensation that means, there is no cost to you for your attorneys time and effort.

Be sure that when you decide to hire an attorney, you carefully review the contingency terms. You can ask them about what fees or expenses they believe will be necessary for your case and how that may impact their fee.

Finally, when hiring a Rogers, AR car accident lawyer, you must account for the State of Arkansas statute of limitations. Arkansas has a strict two year filing period. That means that from the date of the crash, you only have two years to file your case. If you wait any longer, then you will likely not be able to recover compensation for any injuries or property damage.

Why Do I Need a Rogers Car Accident Lawyer?

After a car accident or crash, you will have a long list of things to take care of, first and foremost, yourself if you were hurt in a crash that means that you likely need medical attention and possibly ongoing medical care. Even if it’s only a few weeks of rehabilitation, it’s vital that you go through with it.

On top of your medical treatment, you’ll need to work with your insurance. From filing a claim to getting your car to a claims adjuster, these errands begin to mount up quite quickly. Then there are the issues that come up in other areas of life. Unpaid medical bills may put mental or emotional stress on you and your family.

Additionally, you may miss a substantial amount of work while recovering. The problem that many people face is that they need to put their lives back together while they’re in pain and not as able as they are normally.

The sooner that you can get your life back to normal, the better. Hiring Rogers, AR car crash attorney can help you regain normalcy. A lawyer can take over dealing with your insurance company, track and collect your medical bills, and ensure that you can focus on your recovery.

Auto accident lawyers in Rogers can also help you build a stronger case. Their experience in handling these cases and understanding how these claims reach a resolution gives them an advantage in negotiating with insurance companies.

Roads and Traffic in Rogers Arkansas

Right in Benton County, Rogers, Arkansas is a town with a population exceeding 55,000. It’s Arkansas’ eighth largest city and falls into the Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers-Metro region. The region is one of the most rapidly growing areas in the nation. Rogers, AR is off of Interstate 49.

Additional highways connecting the four corners of Arkansas are in motion, as a temporary sales tax was imposed in 2012. As part of this initiative is widening existing highways to four lanes. The traffic in this growing area is quickly becoming congested, and the goal of this initiative is to reduce congestion as well as improvements to the road and highways systems. The half-cent tax should generate about $230 million each year, and the state has promised 30% of that to local governments.

A Guide to the Car Accident Process

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Rogers

Unfortunately, the biggest cause of accidents and the most prominent threat on the road is other drivers. Those who drive negligently are responsible for more deaths and accidents than any other standalone factor. One of the issues here is that there are so many things that count as negligent behavior.

Any way that drivers can negligently operate a vehicle is dangerous. However, some are much worse than others. For example, driving under the influence or when intoxicated is negligent driving. Additionally, speeding, driving when drowsy, or fatigued is negligent driving.

Distracted driving, one of the biggest issues, especially for highway drivers, includes texting, eating, and interacting with passengers. These all lead to crashes and injuries. As phones are so available and integrated into our daily life, we see that they constantly lead to crashes and contribute to distracted driving. In 2017, distracted driving was the factor behind 3,166 deaths.

There are movements in action to stop phone use while driving. However, that’s not the only form of distracted driving. Anything that pulls the driver’s attention away from driving is a form of distraction. These actions endanger the driver, their passengers, and other people on the road. Other forms of distractions include navigation systems, the radio, eating, drinking, and talking to passengers.

Other aspects that can play a role in car accidents include the weather, and changing road conditions. The people within Rogers, AR are well-aware of the extreme weather such as tornados, hail, and summer storms. Many conscientious drivers will ensure they slow their speed or pull over if necessary. However, as more people flock to the area, there are people on the road who don’t know how to handle these road conditions.

Arkansas Car Accident Statistics

Being in a car wreck doesn’t mean that you lacked in experience or ability. Many experienced and competent drivers are the victims in car wrecks every day. Unfortunately, the victims of car accidents may take on serious injury. In some cases, these accidents lead to death.

A fatal auto accident takes place about every 15 minutes in the U.S. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that car crashes are the leading cause of death in America for people ages 8 to 34.

Additionally, nearly 3 million people experience an injury from a car accident, and half of them experience permanent disabilities. That means that approximately 1.5 million people will have impaired function, paralysis, or neurological injuries as a result of car accidents. About 27% of all crashes result in a non-fatal injury, while about 72% result in property damage.

Arkansas Car Accident Fact Sheet

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Can I File A Lawsuit?

It is reasonable to pursue a lawsuit after a car accident. In some cases, an insurance company will not provide a fair compensation offer. In those cases, you need to seek legal action. Seeking legal action and filing a lawsuit does not always mean that your case will go to court. After filing a lawsuit, your claim may still settle.

An attorney will offer guidance on when a lawsuit is necessary and provide advice along the way. If you’re working with a Rogers, AR lawyer, they should take on all the legal procedures for the case and the trial. Moving forward with a lawsuit requires legal guidance.

Ideally, your case will close with a settlement. However, if the involved person or insurance company is not willing to make reasonable offers, then the case should move forward. Work with a Rogers, AR lawyer who is willing to take your case all the way. Be wary of law firms that are willing to accept unreasonably low settlements to close the case quickly.

What Will Happen to The Driver at Fault for The Accident?

It’s common to wonder what will happen to the other person involved. The impact on the other driver will depend on the situation. You may experience anger, or empathy, or even a mix of both feelings, which is normal. Unfortunately, you cannot go and change the events of the past. Instead, you can only seek a monetary claim to cover the damage the wreck cause to your life.

If the other driver had auto insurance, their insurance provider would likely offer them an attorney. Additionally, their insurance company will probably pay for the settlement or award for the extent of their policy. If the settlement or award is larger than their policy, they may have to pay the difference out of pocket.

Will I Get Compensation for My Injuries?

For anyone who can settle a claim, they will receive a form of compensation. Accepting a settlement may be agreeing to whatever money that the insurance company, or person responsible, offers.

The jury involved in your case will assign a compensation amount based on past and future medical costs, property damage, transportation costs for treatment, as well as pain and suffering.

Injury Cases Our Rogers Attorneys Handle

In Rogers, AR, our legal team is ready to take on a wide variety of cases. Car accidents are a common cause of unexpected injuries. However, other accidents such as truck crashes, nursing home abuse, lead to injuries which require legal assistance as well. If you don’t see a case example here that matches what you need, contact our offices in Rogers for more help.

Motorcycle Accidents

Too often, insurance companies and other drivers attempt to blame the motorcyclists for their injuries. Don’t let that happen. Get someone to fight for your side while you’re recovering injuries caused by another person’s poor driving. Use all the evidence possible to show that you were careful while riding.  Our experienced Rogers motorcycle accident attorneys are here to help.

Truck Accidents

Trucking accidents will often come with a severe injury, and sometimes death. When you are in an accident with a commercial truck, be sure to get an Rogers truck accident attorney on your side quickly. These crashes will often provoke a high-powered legal team to act against your claim.

Nursing Home Abuse

One of the worst forms of abuse is the abuse of the elderly. Often these victims can do little more than suffer through the actions of their negligent, or even malicious caretakers. Nurses, doctors, and even administrative staff have been found guilty in these cases. Expose the nursing home abuse and get compensation for the elder in your life.

Workers Compensation

As a right, everyone should work in a safe environment. Of course, not every company takes policies and procedures seriously. When you were hurt on the job, it likely came from a lack of awareness or lack of reinforcement of existing policy. Don’t let your employer use a dormant or forgotten rule to deny your workers comp claim. Contact our Rogers workers compensation lawyers for help.

Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, the people we love are taken too soon. When someone died as the result of negligence or carelessness, you can file a civil case. This option is available even if there is an open criminal case. A lawsuit for wrongful death will seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and the suffering of surviving family members.

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During your free consultation, you will meet someone from our team of knowledge and experienced staff of Rogers personal injury lawyers. You can learn more about how you can get fair compensation for your claim. Additionally, any of our staff will happily explain how we will calculate the value of your claim and work with you towards a full resolution.

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