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Woman Killed in Head-On Collision in Bentonville

It’s hard to imagine what would cause someone to lose control of their car and drive into head-on traffic. But there are all sorts of things that could make this happen. The driver could be suffering from some sort of medical condition. Or, they’re texting and driving or somehow get distracted. More often, these accidents are the result of impaired driving. One thing is for sure – when head-on collisions happen, people get hurt, or even killed. This was the case this Thursday for a woman in Bentonville, Arkansas.

61-year old Jeanine Johnson was traveling East on Highway 549 in Bentonville when someone crossed the center line and crashed into her vehicle head-on. As Johnson drove her Mazda down the highway, a man driving a pickup truck lost control of his vehicle. This seems to be what caused the head-on collision.

The man driving the pickup truck was listed as Travis Justinwade Jones, a 40-year old man from Bentonville. The victim was from Bella Vista. When the police got the scene, Jeanine Johnson was already dead. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Jones was seriously injured and was taken to the local hospital.

In situations like this, it’s not all that hard to determine who was at fault. Johnson’s family will certainly have the option of suing Jones for wrongful death. They can also file a claim against his insurance company, if he had insurance.

The police have not provided an update on Jones’ condition. They also haven’t released any comment from the victim’s family as of yet. While no charges have been filed against the other driver, that could certainly change once the accident investigation is complete.

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