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What Do I Do If The Other Driver Has No Insurance?

There are still drivers who drive without having insurance, although it is legally required in almost every state. One out of eight drivers drives without auto insurance, Insurance Research Council reports. Even if you are a driver who is responsible and has auto insurance, you are still exposed to the risk of getting into an accident and finding out the other driver has no insurance.

There are many nuances in such cases, and we like to present several of them. Remain calm if you were involved in an accident (whether as a driver or a pedestrian) caused by an uninsured driver. Car wreck lawyers in Springdale face such cases more frequently than you think.

Accident Caused By an Uninsured Driver in a No-Fault State

If this happens in a no-fault state, the claiming process might be different. A no-fault state requires that your insurer will pay your medical bills partially or entirely. Practically, it does not matter if the driver has insurance or not because no-fault states claims require that your insurance company pays for your injuries.

What (Not) to Do When the Other Driver Has No Insurance

Such accidents are very frequent. If the accident is their fault (they hit you from the back) and your vehicle is damaged, and you have injuries that will definitely require medical help. Don’t panic if you learn that the driver has no insurance.

Remain calm and remember the following things you need to do (and not do).

  • First of all, call the police. This is a must, no matter if the driver has insurance or not. Their report will help you when you file a claim. It will ease up the process and spare you from further headaches.
  • There are cases where uninsured drivers offer money when they cause an accident. They know perfectly well that it is illegal to drive without insurance, so they will try to offer you a sum that should cover your fees for medical bills or reparations. Do not accept money, by any means. You just got out of an accident, and you are not 100% sure what your injury or damage costs are. No matter how much they offer you (even if the sum seems great), don’t accept money.
  • Next thing to do – take a few pictures of the accident. Photograph the cars, the other car’s plates, the place the accident occurred, possible traffic signs and lights. These photos will help you more than you think.
  • Of course, by now, you will learn that the other driver has no insurance but ask a few more questions. Take their phone number, ask for their name, and if there are witnesses, ask for their phone number as well.

Write down anything you think will help you in your case (vehicle model, time, and location of the accident, the name of the officer who responded on the scene).

Filing Claims Against Uninsured Drivers

Now that you know the most important information call your insurers to inform them about the accident. Don’t forget to tell them that the accident was caused by an uninsured driver, because this information will affect the whole process.

This is where all the info you gathered (photos, plates, name of the driver, time, and location) are going to be used. The following info will be of use when you make a claim:

  • Insurance card – You will need a policy number.
  • Location, time, and date – Your insurers will be very much interested in this info.
  • Photos and information – Your insurance company will ask you to show the photos and all the written information you have. Have these things with you when you make the report. The more details you have, the better for your case.
  • Name of the officer – Provide the name of the police officer who responded to the accident.
  • Insurance information of the other driver – Since your case is with an uninsured driver, the next best thing you can offer is their name and any other information you have about them.

The truth is, everybody can be involved in an auto accident caused by an uninsured driver. The key is to remain calm and take all the above-mentioned steps so you can ease up your case.

If you fear that it might be complicated, you can always call a Springdale accident injury attorney. Your attorney and your insurance company and learn how much compensation you can get (this especially goes if your injures are severe).

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