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Common Workplace Injuries

Are You Suffering From A Common Workplace Injury? We Can Help.

Thousands of Arkansas workers head to work daily. Suppose an accident happens at any job site or workplace. In that case, the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission (AWCC) is liable for paying out benefits to workers who meet the requirements to receive them.

What Is Covered by Workers’ Compensation in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, workers’ compensation covers accidental injuries caused by an accident or illness while working. Workers’ compensation covers everyone from the day they start a job.

Workers’ compensation typically covers acute onset injuries. Repetitive motion injuries, gradual onset back injuries and hearing loss are more difficult to prove to be work-related. Your Arkansas workers’ compensation attorney at the Law Office of Jason M. Hatfield can explain the rules and exceptions to you while discussing your workers’ compensation case. 

Common Workplace Injuries

• Injuries to the legs – Catching a leg in a piece of moving equipment may result in cuts, crush injuries, meniscus tears and amputation.
• Injuries to the wrists – A very common work injury applicable for office workers, truck drivers, laborers lifting heavy objects or as a result of a fall. Examples of wrist injuries include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, sprains, fractures and breaks.
• Injuries to the hands – Getting a hand caught in the moving parts of power tools or other machines can lead to breaks, fractures and amputation.
• Injuries to the shoulders – The most common cause of shoulder injuries in the workplace is lifting and carrying heavy objects. This can be due to repetitive stress or a fall. Shoulder injuries can manifest over time and signify rotator cuff issues or other strains. 
• Injuries to the lower back – Roughly 20 percent of all on-the-job injuries are back injuries. Sacral spine and lumbar spine injuries often result in serious long-term effects, and treatment may last a lifetime.
• Injuries to the knees – Lifting, pulling, climbing, walking, carrying and kneeling cause stress on the knee joints. 
• Multiple injuries to the body – Accidents such as fires, falls or vehicle crashes can mean injuries in various locations of a worker’s body. Being exposed to chemicals and other hazardous materials may result in various diseases and illnesses.
The Top Three Workplace Injuries

While there are numerous ways to be injured at work, the top three leading ways for work-related injuries are overexertion, slip and falls, and coming into contact with equipment and other objects.

Overexertion can include non-impact injuries from lifting, pushing, pulling, turning, holding, throwing or carrying objects. 

Slip and falls may result from falling on the same level and falling to a lower level. 

Coming into contact with equipment or an object can lead to severe injuries. Workers can also be crushed or stuck under fallen objects, equipment or debris.

Who Is Covered by Workers’ Compensation in Arkansas?

Virtually everyone with a job is protected by the Workers’ Compensation Law in Arkansas. The law has some exceptions, such as businesses with two or fewer workers and maritime and railway workers. Workers’ compensation also does not always apply to farm laborers, religious, charitable or relief organizations, domestic help or employment by non-profits, and workers covered exclusively by federal laws. 

If you are not sure if your employer has workers’ compensation, look for a posted notice on the premises. If there is no notice, then ask and if they do not have workers’ compensation or you are not comfortable with the response, talk to the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission. 

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