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What Are the Leading Causes of Tractor-Trailer Accidents in Arkansas?

Collisions involving tractor-trailers are often catastrophic. They typically result in more serious injuries and more significant property damage than crashes involving two small vehicles. Tractor-trailer accidents can occur for several reasons, but some factors are more common than others. In this blog post, our Arkansas truck accident attorneys look at some of the main contributors to these types of accidents. Here some of the typical factors that can lead to a collision with a truck as you make your way around Springdale, AR.

Road Rage

Commercial drivers carry lots of responsibility on their shoulders but that doesn’t make them immune to road rage. You should able to safely share the roads with tractor-trailers but sometimes aggression gets the better of a driver. If you can’t get out of the way in time, you won’t be able to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, it may not be easy to get compensation from the driver or the trucking company that employed them. That’s why it’s so important to hire a Springdale truck accident lawyer to represent you and seek compensation on your behalf.


Driving above the speed limit is always dangerous but the size and weight of commercial trucks make the situation much worse. Speeding puts every other road user in danger. Still, many drivers break traffic laws so they can cover lots of ground and potentially make more money.

While truck drivers may think they know how to maneuver at fast speeds, it doesn’t take much for an accident to occur. Innocent people can easily get injured or killed. High-speed accidents can lead to head-on accidents, rear-end collisions, and jack-knife accidents. Common injuries include back and spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, and paralysis.

Fatigued Drivers

There are Federal rules governing the amount of time drivers can spend on the road before stopping to rest. However, truckers don’t always adhere to the law. Some push themselves to continue driving even though they’re exhausted. While they get paid more for working longer hours, they also put the lives of other people at risk.

Many people think nothing of driving when they’re tired and sleep-deprived. However, fatigued driving is just as dangerous as drugged or drunk driving. Furthermore, the driver could fall asleep behind the wheel, rendering them unable to take any corrective action.

To make matters worse, some companies enter false information into the logbooks to make it appear that their drivers were following the law. This can make it harder, though not impossible, to prove that the driver did something illegal.

Drunk or Drugged Driving

In Arkansas, any driver is considered legally drunk if their blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent or higher. However, the laws are stricter for commercial drivers. They are deemed intoxicated if their BAC is 0.04 percent or above. Still, some drink and get behind the wheel, not only breaking the law but putting others in danger of catastrophic injuries. Drivers who are impaired by legal or illegal drugs pose an equal threat. Depending on how a trucking company supervises and assesses its drivers, it can also be held liable if its driver injures someone.

Poorly Maintained Trucks

Companies are required to keep their trucks in good working order and to keep records of their maintenance activities. However, trucking businesses don’t always keep up with maintenance like they’re supposed to and in doing so, they create a danger of Arkansas’ roads. Drivers should also inspect their vehicles before they drive off. However, given the rush to meet delivery deadlines, truckers don’t do their duties. When money is put before safety, the results can be disastrous. A poorly maintained truck may have defective turn signals, shoddy brakes, broken steering mechanisms, or threadless tires. All of these can lead to an accident.

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