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Spinal Injuries from Road Accidents in Arkansas; Get the Basics

Spine injuries are one of the most dangerous injuries one could suffer from. They not only result in restriction of movement and excruciating pain but may also leave an individual in a permanently disabled state. The rising number of road accidents in Arkansas is a primary reason for these types of injuries.

It is estimated that in America, approximately 17,000 new cases of spinal cord injuries due to road accidents are reported every year. The numbers are not only disturbing but alarming too. If a person does not have a strong insurance plan along with profound legal support, then the road to recovery could indeed be a tedious one.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries:

Your spine is the most important structure of your body, just like the trunk supports the whole tree and allows it to stand tall, as does a spine! However, it is equally sensitive. Just a slight jerk or even a minor accident could lead to catastrophe. The trickiest part is the recovery process. Injuries to the spine are recovered over a very long period and require immense effort, physically, mentally, and financially. The recovery also depends on the type of injury one suffers from as many problems could surface as a result of spinal damage. Some of the most common ones are:

  1. A Ruptured or Herniated Disc:

The discs in your spine have a soft inner core and a tough perimeter which offers maximum protection. When it comes to road accidents in Arkansas, massive jerks could damage the softcore present on the inside once it tears through the outer perimeter. This condition is known as a herniated disc and could lead to severe pain. Even if you are in a minor accident and have not suffered from any major injury, a herniated disc could emerge as a problem later on.

  1. Fractured Spine:

A fracture even in one of the vertebrae could compress the overall structure of the spine which could inadvertently affect the stability. This condition may lead to bed rest for months till the vertebrae are back in shape and do not push the spine.

  1. Paralysis:

Sometimes road accidents in Arkansas tend to become so dangerous that they destroy the spinal cord. In such a condition one could suffer from either Paraplegia, in which the waist-down muscles are paralyzed, or Quadriplegia, also known as neck down paralysis. Serious cervical damage could potentially cause Quadriplegia.

Reclaiming Insurance Money After Spinal Injury:

Spinal Cord injuries could be a nightmare and leave one with no energy to fight their case through. From hospital admissions to treatments to physiotherapies, everything requires a substantial amount of money. In most cases, it is covered by insurance. However; insurance companies can give you a really tough time too. They mostly require reports of the road accidents in Arkansas, accident details, legal documents, and a plethora of other items that could be difficult for you to gather.

The best solution is to find a reliable attorney who could fight on your behalf and become your support system. People are so vulnerable after a road accident or spinal cord injury that they need someone who could empathize with them. Hence, you must find yourself an attorney who understands your requirements and builds a strong case for you.

How Attorneys Can Assist with Road Accidents in Arkansas:

Due to spinal cord injuries, people have to follow months of bed rest. One may not be able to go to the office or carry on with their routine to keep their house running. Often companies fire employees if they suffer from such a condition.

Road accident attorneys could prove to be your savior and can help you get compensation or work benefits so the financial strain can be reduced. They can also guide you on getting medical benefits and hold the insurance company or even your employer responsible for your treatment. All these efforts could save you from a lot of mental stress and allow you to recover in peace.

While there are many good attorneys when it comes to road accidents in Arkansas, few have the acumen to win such cases. Often lawyers tend to elongate road accident cases but it is essential to hire someone who does not use your vulnerability. Rather they should emerge as a pillar of strength for you in such distressing times. Remember, your lawyer can become your voice of reason and your guiding light. Therefore, opt for someone who is not only a seasoned professional but is also well aware of your emotional state. These small deliberations could save you from a lot of pain and adversity.

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