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Single-Vehicle Crash in Danville Claims One Life

A man passed away on Monday morning, February 1st, following a single-vehicle crash in Danville. In the crash report summary, the Arkansas State Police said the victim’s vehicle ran off the roadway. 

The police stated that 19-year-old Roberto Oblea was riding a 2012 Chevrolet Cruze southbound on Arkansas 309. The roadway is in Logan County, and the vehicle crashed around 6:20 a.m. After leaving the road, the car went down a steep embankment. 

It struck a tree and rolled onto the passenger side. Oblea died at the crash site, and first responders delivered his body to the Roller Funeral Home in Paris. The police said the road was unlit and dark when the crash happened. There is no additional information about the single-vehicle crash in Danville. 

The first rule for driving on dimly or unlit roads is lighting. The second is to never drive at a speed where you’re unable to stop within the distance your headlights show as transparent. Thus, use the car lights at full beam. 

Manufacturers built cars with headlights and taillights to enable drivers to see the road ahead and for other motorists to see them. It is prudent to turn on lights whenever the level dips, whether during the day or at night. 

Between the hours of 11:30 p.m., sound the car’s horn in addition to using lights. It will alert other drivers of your presence and prevent auto-pedestrian accidents. When approaching curves, turn on blinkers and reduce speed. Do the same at intersections, and anywhere lanes merge. 

Following these tips will help eliminate or reduce liability if an accident occurs. If you do, and a negligent driver causes a collision, you can bring a personal injury action against them. Find out more about this from an Arkansas car accident attorney


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