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Safety Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents in Arkansas

Since 2016, there is a significant rise in the number of truck accidents across the United States. In 2016 alone, more than 119,000 truck accidents occurred causing serious injuries to a large number of passengers. Within the same year, the number of fatal truck accidents significantly rose to 4,213. There has also been an alarming rise in the number of truck accidents in Arkansas.

62% of truck accidents involve two or more vehicles and the majority of them take place on rural highways and interstates. A fully loaded big rig can carry a weight of up to 80,000 lbs. Compare that to an average passenger vehicle, which weighs around 3,000 lbs.

Due to the massive difference in weight and size between large semi-trucks and passenger vehicles, accidents often end up catastrophic. Injuries and damages in such accidents are normally quite severe, and victims will often need the help of a truck accident lawyer to get the fair compensation they deserve.

Safety Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents in Arkansas:

While all truck accidents in Arkansas are not avoidable, we have compiled a list of useful safety tips that can greatly reduce the likelihood of being involved in a serious truck accident in Arkansas.

1. Keep a Safe Distance:

Semi-trucks are quite heavy and tough to maneuver, even for experienced drivers. When a semi-truck needs to make a sudden stop, it can often set off a disastrous chain of events behind it.

Keeping a safe distance will give you plenty of time to react in case of an emergency and increase the likelihood that you will be able to avoid truck accidents in Arkansas. Even something like a blown tire on an 18-wheeler can be dangerous for the cars behind it, so keep a safe distance to make sure that you have plenty of time to react.

2. Do Not Drive in Blind or Danger Spots:

Trucks normally have large blind spots on both sides and even behind them. Try to never ride in these areas and when passing a truck on the interstate, do it as quickly as possible:

  • The lane on the driver’s side
  • At least 20 feet in front of the truck
  • 30 feet from behind the truck
  • Two wide lanes on the right side of the truck.

3. Don’t Drive Recklessly:

Speeding, sudden lane changes, and aggressive driving can all lead to deadly truck accidents in Arkansas. Be cautious and careful while on the road and always obey all the road rules. This will reduce the probability of getting into a fatal truck accident.

4. Do Not Pass a Truck Going Uphill or Downhill:

Trucks are quite large, making them difficult to control when they are traveling uphill or downhill. They vary their speed and might not be able to maneuver as efficiently. It’s advisable to avoid passing a truck going downhill or uphill.

5. Increase Distance in Poor Weather:

In bad conditions like rain, thunderstorms, fog, snow, or ice, be extra vigilant and attentive. Give semi-trucks extra space so that they can have time to maneuver, helping everyone stay safe.

6. Use Your Signals:

Whenever you are changing or passing lanes near a truck, always give clear signals. Let the truck driver know your intentions. Giving early signals to the truck driver and allowing them time to adjust can help prevent  any truck accidents in Arkansas.

7. Always Dim Your Bright Lights:

You should always lower your high beams whenever you are approaching a truck (or any other vehicle!). For commercial truck drivers, bright lights can cause serious visibility issues and this can result in a disaster.

8. Avoid Distracted Driving:

Distracted driving is a serious cause of concern across the country and one of the leading causes of auto accidents, causing thousands of trucking accidents each year. Always pay attention to the road and put your phone away while driving.

We Are There When You Need Us:

Adhering to the safety tips listed above can help you stay safe and prevent trucking accidents in Arkansas. But, if you are involved in a trucking accident, you will likely be dealing with serious injuries, extensive vehicle damage, time missed from work, and large medical bills. Receiving the compensation you deserve for your damages can be an arduous process, do not attempt to go it alone.

Hiring a truck accident lawyer at the Law Office of Jason M. Hatfield can greatly increase your chances of reaching a satisfactory result, in a timely manner. We are ready and able to efficiently, effectively, and smoothly handle your case, ensuring that you receive a justified amount of compensation. Contact us today to speak with an experienced Arkansas truck accident attorney.

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