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Determining Fault in a Left-Hand Turn Car Accident in Arkansas

A car accident in Arkansas can become extremely stressful to deal with. Driving a car is a daily activity for millions of people. It seems to be a routine for many of us. However, while driving we make decisions and make adjustments every second to keep everyone safe. Left-hand turns prove to be the most dangerous maneuver for a driver.

The majority of accidents reported in the U.S. are intersection-related accidents; usually as a result of a left-hand turn. Around 1.35 million people die due to traffic accidents each year. Left-hand turn accidents are not only common, but they are also life-threatening especially for pedestrians. In Arkansas left-hand turn accidents have been reported on all major intersections claiming the lives of innocent people.

How Left-Hand Turns Can Cause a Car Accident in Arkansas:

Left-hand turns can lead to a dangerous car accident in Arkansas. A driver evaluates many variables while driving. A minor miscalculation, lack of judgment, or a slight distraction can cause deadly consequences. The following factors increase the risk of left-hand accidents.

  • The driver is distracted while watching for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • A miscalculation in judging the distance and speed of oncoming vehicles
  • Vehicle disrupting traffic flow by crossing opposite lane

Illegal & Legal Left-Hand Turns:

It is essential to remain vigilant while making a left-hand turn. Most of the left-turn accidents are caused by drivers who make illegal left-hand turns and they are held responsible for the accident. The driver making a left-hand turn has the right of way when moving forward on a left-turn green arrow. Left-hand drivers must wait until the intersection is clear before proceeding. The right of way is given to the oncoming traffic. All traffic slows or stops to give way to the left-hand turn driver.

There are certain situations when the responsibility of the accident is not levied on the driver making a left-hand turn. This includes the following circumstances:

  • If the oncoming driver did not stop at a red light
  • If the oncoming driver is distracted by using a mobile phone
  • If the oncoming vehicle is overspeeding
  • If the oncoming driver does not have a valid license.
  • If the oncoming driver is under influence of alcohol or drugs

In cases where an oncoming driver has partial liability for the accident, they are liable to compensate accordingly for the sufferings and damages due to the accident.

Proving Fault in a Left-Hand Turn Accident:

It is difficult to establish fault in a left-hand turn accident. You may be considered at fault mistakenly without a complete and proper investigation. Getting the police report after an accident is highly significant for your case.

The police officer will determine the fault of the accident by analyzing the statements from eye-witnesses and gathering information from the scene of the accident. This information will help you and your attorney to determine the fault of the accident and receive compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance provider.

The police report may not be accurate in every case. If you believe that you were mistakenly blamed for the car accident in Arkansas you did not cause, it is essential to seek professional help from a car accident attorney. Your attorney will assist your case from gather information, investigating every aspect, and building a clear liability case. A thorough investigation will require the following evidence:

  • Assistance from accident recreation specialists
  • Reviewing phone records
  • Photos and video of the scene of the accident
  • Observing surveillance cameras
  • Reaching out to eye-witnesses

Hiring the Right Attorney:

After suffering a car accident in Arkansas, your next steps will directly impact your compensation claim as well as how much of it you receive. It is particularly substantial to hire a professional car accident attorney since without an attorney you will be paying medical bills for the injuries you did not even cause.

Our team of highly experienced and skilled attorneys assists the clients in establishing the liability of the accident through building a strong case to receive maximum compensation. Insurance providers tend to use tricks to reduce the compensation amount. Years of experience in similar cases helps our attorneys to attain the maximum benefit for our clients.

We aim to protect your rights while you completely focus on your recovery from accident-related injuries. If you or your loved ones have been injured in a car accident, consult our team and know about the best legal options for your case. We may not be able to prevent accidents but we are here to assist your case and reach a successful result.

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