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Can I Report a Workplace Injury in Arkansas through an Email?

It can be difficult to manage a workplace injury in Arkansas. Injuries lead to emotional trauma, financial burden, and pain. If you are planning on trying to receive workers’ compensation benefits after being injured at the workplace, you should immediately report the incident to your employer.

There were 4,572 preventable workplace-injury deaths reported in 2019. This shows that the frequency of these accidents is a lot higher than anyone would expect.

Reporting a workplace injury in Arkansas can be worrisome because some workers are afraid they will lose their job and some employers don’t know what to do.  Regardless of the severity, it is important to report your injury and seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Often people find it difficult to report the incident, especially when incidents are unwitnessed or occur on the road as with truck drivers.  You should know the legal implications of reporting the injury, whether you can report it through sending an email to your employers, and how you can send a notice to your employer in Arkansas.

How to Report a Workplace Injury in Arkansas:

A workplace injury in Arkansas is usually compensated by the employers’ insurance provider. The compensation allows workers to seek emergency and ongoing medical care along with lost wages after the injury incident. If you are unable to work post-injury under the work comp doctor’s care, you should be compensated with two-thirds of your average weekly wage. In 2021, that rate maxes out at $736.00 per week.  However, to obtain compensation your employer must be aware of your injury.

The law states that the injured employee must report the workplace in jury in Arkansas accident to their employer. The right way to report a workplace injury as stated by law is to submit a form known as “AR-N” provided by the Arkansas workers’ compensation commission. This is known as the Notice of Injury Report.  It is the official way to report an injury and notify your employer. Exemptions from the form are provided when the person who sustained the injury is unable to give a notice or when the employer does not ask you to complete the AR-N. In severe workplace injuries, the supervisors become aware when the ambulance is called at work and emergency medical care is provided to the injured, the need for this form is superseded due to the emergency circumstances.

In cases when you suffered the injury off-site it is important to notify your employer; for instance, you suffer from a car crash as a delivery driver. Unless you notify them, your employer might not be aware of the incident. Similarly, in companies where there are several employees, it becomes essential to report the case to HR. For this reason, you should seek help from a personal injury attorney who will be able to guide you through the steps of obtaining a claim.

Notice of On-The-Job Injury through an Email:

If you fail to report your workplace injury in Arkansas to your employer, then your compensation claim can be denied. However, the law protects the rights of injured employees, as the law states if the employer knew about the incident then the claim cannot be denied based upon a failure to notify your employer. This implies that if you are unable to fill the form and it is easier for you to notify through an email or text, there will be at least documentary proof of the notification of work injury.

However, there is a downside to notifying through an email, as you don’t receive any evidence that the employer checked the email and may not receive the authorization needed to obtain medical care. Receiving a reply does not mean that the proper people were notified about the incident, but it is better than no notification at all. Seeking legal support makes the entire process easier for you. Many attorneys will have you complete an AR-C form, which is a Claim for Compensation.  It is filed with the Arkansas Workers Compensation Commission and tolls the Statute of Limitations.

Working with a Personal Injury Lawyer to Report Your Workplace Injury:

If you’ve suffered a workplace injury in Arkansas, you need to fill out an AR-N form which is favored by insurance companies and advises some of your rights.  However, your employer may ask for additional forms as well as medical reports to initiate your compensation claim. These forms can be used by your employer to reduce your claim amount, so it is always better to work with a personal injury lawyer while filling these notice forms.

It is important to be thorough regarding your workplace injury in Arkansas: the statements you will be filling in the workers’ compensation form will be either used to provide you the benefits or it could be used against you if your claim contradicts your situation. Being detail-oriented helps you in gaining compensation for all your injuries caused by the accident. Moreover, the claim should be consistent and based upon facts to avoid rejection of the claim by the employer or insurance company.

Any mistake can lead your case towards rejection, it is paramount to have a workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyer to support your case. Our experienced team assists in reviewing your information and properly reporting your case. You should not rely exclusively on email or text to report the injury. We are here to protect your rights and provide you the benefits you deserve.

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