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How Improper Headlight Usage May Cause a Car Crash in Arkansas?

Headlights are one of the most important parts of any vehicle. Your vehicle’s headlights help provide clear vision while you are on the road, and ultimately, it also helps in avoiding a car crash in Arkansas. Not using headlights, especially in the dark, or turning on high beams while around other cars could cause accidents.

While it is true that headlights are more important at night, it is just as important to keep them on during bad weather in order to make sure you are seen by other drivers. Many accidents occur due to improper usage of headlights which could lead to serious injuries, and sometimes, even death. Various studies have shown that using headlights properly has resulted in the reduction of accidents.

Ways Headlights Are Improperly Used:

There are different ways in which headlights are improperly used which have caused a car crash in Arkansas.

1. Dirty, Dim and Broken Headlights:

When the headlights of a car are either old or dirty and are unable to provide proper vision to a driver, they lead to accidents. Dirty headlights will hinder a driver’s vision, and ultimately, the driver will not be able to see other cars on the road properly. As per the AAA Newsroom, 50% of accidents occur at night, and a major reason for their occurrence is poor headlights.

2. Cloudy Headlights:

Cloudy headlights have also caused harmful accidents because they are not able to throw illumination at 100% of their capacity. The plastic casing of the headlights becomes blurry when they are cloudy. This would bring their capacity down to about 20% of their capacity in worst-case scenarios. It could really become difficult driving on a dark road with cloudy headlights.

3. Using High-Beam Headlights:

While you are on the road and driving with high beams, it can make it difficult for other drivers on the road to see properly and hence, impact their vision. Consequently, it could lead to a very dangerous car crash in Arkansas.

Risks of Improper Headlights Usage:

  • When you are using improper headlights that are dim, cloudy, or damaged, you are decreasing the visibility on the road for yourself. You may not be able to see bumps or other obstacles on the road. You may not be able to see pedestrians for that matter, either.
  • Using high beams on your headlights could temporarily blind other vehicle drivers, causing them to crash into you, other vehicles, or they might go off-road because they are unable to see the road.
  • Improper headlights could also misperceive your distance from other cars.

Tips for Using Headlights Properly and Avoiding a Car Crash in Arkansas:

  • Clean the lenses of your headlights regularly to avoid any kind of accidents. Headlights can get dirty easily and quickly; it’s a must to maintain them regularly.
  • Due to the fluctuations in weather and temperature, the headlights could get blurry and cloudy from the inside and outside as well. In the case of blurriness on the inside, a mechanic should be contacted as soon as possible to get them fixed.
  • If headlight lenses have any kind of scratches, they should be fixed immediately, whether by an expert or by using at-home remedies. For self-repair, toothpaste and insect repellent have helped in removing scratches.
  • If you are driving on the road and an approaching vehicle has its high beams on, try to reduce your speed and look away from the light to avoid temporary blindness.
  • Headlights are meant to be checked and maintained regularly. Take your vehicle to the mechanic for occasional visits so an expert can check if they are aimed correctly or if there are any wiring issues to fix.
  • Be sure to check your headlights before going out anywhere, especially during nighttime hours. If they were to stop working, replacing them must be a priority.

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