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Passenger Injured in Single-Car Crash in Perryville, Arkansas

A lot of people think that single-car accidents are a lot less dangerous than multi-car crashes. This isn’t always the case. When police respond to the scene of single-car accidents, they often find that the driver has lost control of their car. This can result in much more serious accidents than your run of the mill rear-end collision. This was certainly the case this past week in Perryville, Arkansas.

The police responded to the scene of a crash at mile marker 136 along the Northbound lanes of Interstate-55 in Perry County. When they got there, they found the driver, 34-year old Christopher Maxwell of West Memphis crashed into the median.
Maxwell had lost control of his vehicle and ran off the road. He then proceeded to crash into the median cable barriers on the Interstate. Maxwell appears to have escaped the crash without injury. The same could not be said of his female passenger.

His passenger, – 37-year old Lavonne Smith – suffered what were described as moderate injuries in the crash. She was rushed to nearby Perry County Memorial Hospital for treatment. There has been no update on her medical condition.

The police are still investigating the crash. They didn’t indicate if alcohol or drugs played a role in the accident. However, they will likely run toxicology reports just in case. The authorities did not indicate what the relationship was between the driver and his passenger. They also have not stated whether charges are going to be filed against Maxwell.

Either way, Smith or her family may have a potential legal claim against Maxwell and his insurance policy. They’ll have to wait until the investigation has been completed.

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