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Springdale Man Dies Following an Accident in Miller County

A 24-year-old Springdale man lost his life after getting hit by a car on Wednesday, January 6th. The Arkansas State Police said the accident in Miller County happened just after midnight.

In the crash report, the police stated that at about 12:03 a.m., the victim, Kentrell A. Ivory ran south across Interstate 30 in rural Miller County. A 2020 Kenworth eastbound on the roadway struck and killed him.  

The Miller County Coroner pronounced Ivory dead at the scene at about 1:38 a.m. The police said the weather condition at the accident’s time was clear and the road dry. They did not identify the driver of the Kenworth in their report. 

The investigation into the accident in Miller County is ongoing. There is no additional information at this time.

Auto-pedestrian accidents are not uncommon, and they occur due to the carelessness of drivers and pedestrians. Since the blame in this type of crash goes both ways, both sides of the divide must work together to promote safety on the road.

Pedestrians who choose to walk at night must wear reflective materials or carry a flashlight for visibility. They must avoid dangerous road behaviors like jaywalking, texting, and calling while crossing the road. Look left-right-right before crossing, and use the designated crosswalks. 

On their part, drivers must ensure they yield the way to pedestrians and stop before crosswalks. When driving in residential, business, and school districts, maintain the legal and posted speed limits. If traveling at night, turn on the headlight for increased visibility. 

Despite following the above safety tips, accidents can still happen, and when they do, it is vital to seek the help of an Arkansas car accident attorney. The lawyer will access the facts leading to the occurrence and provide counsel. 


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