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When is it Necessary to Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Fayetteville?

A workers compensation lawyer in Fayetteville will help employees receive compensation for medical costs, mental distress, and lost wages in case of a workplace injury or illness. For those injured at their job, the lawyer helps them in getting quick medical care. Depending on the type of injury, workers can receive medical benefits, wage reimbursement, vocational rehabilitation, etc. Employees are to be compensated immediately by the insurer. If that fails to happen, they opt for legal action against their employer.

As of 2019, a total of 2.8 million non-fatal, work-related injuries and illnesses were reported in the private sector within the U.S. These injuries, even if being non-fatal in nature, require compensation. In some cases, employers and their insurers do not take responsibility for workplace injuries and fail to provide the injured or ill employees with the necessary funds. A workers compensation lawyer in Fayetteville will help in communication with medical practitioners and insurance staff and guide their clients through legal paperwork and processes. Times, when it is necessary to hire a workers compensation lawyer, are discussed below:

1. Right After Getting Injured or Ill:

It is recommended to consult a lawyer, as soon as possible, after a workplace injury. After informing your employer, ask them to fill out an injury report immediately. The employer may specify a doctor to the injured worker for urgent medical care. After getting the necessary medical assistance, it is sensible to talk to a lawyer at this point. The compensation can be denied by your employer’s insurer, thus talking to an attorney beforehand puts you in a better position for an appeal.

2. After Filing for Compensation:

Some workers talk to a lawyer right away, before getting too into the situation. Filing a claim is straightforward, but legal advice from a lawyer can benefit you in many ways. If the case gets prolonged, the client and lawyer get familiarized with each other and the insurance case. A workers compensation lawyer in Fayetteville may have extensive experience and knowledge which helps in filling documents and taking necessary steps for one’s own benefit.

3. If Your Claim is Denied:

Getting your compensation is not an easy process. Often insurance companies discourage workers to make a plea to denied compensation. They often leave the workers in a spiral of self-doubt which makes them question if they deserve the compensation or not. You are entitled to compensation for being injured at your workplace. Hiring a lawyer helps you in appealing for the denial of your claim. The insurance company can deny the claim based on many reasons; thus, a workers compensation lawyer in Fayetteville can be very useful in this situation. They are well-equipped to tackle such claims and help in increasing the chances of getting you, your rightful compensation.

4. When Your Injury is Claimed as Pre-Existing:

Another common tactic used by insurance companies to avoid compensating workers is to claim their injury as a former, pre-existing injury. According to this, they are not responsible for the injury and don’t have to pay any compensation. Your workers compensation lawyer in Fayetteville can help you overcome this false claim and help prove that it is not an old or pre-existing injury. Even if it was a pre-existing injury, compensation is still to be paid for making the condition worse.

5. When Your Injury is Claimed as Non-Compensable

If the insurance company claims that your injury does not meet the requirements for compensation, hiring a lawyer will be a smart choice. The insurance company’s claim may or may not be true, but only a lawyer can guide you about how to go forward. A true understanding of the law plays an important role here and the ambiguity regarding the injury can be figured out. The workers compensation lawyer in Fayetteville will draw out several options on how to resolve this issue.

6. When it is Claimed That You Don’t Have Proper Medical Documents

You can be asked for medical documents to check your medical history by the insurance company. They try to find whether there is a relationship between your current injury with any old injury or condition. The documents filled during the medical examination are also sent to the insurance company. Often, insurance companies state that they never received the medical documents, or that they are incomplete. Your lawyer can help you complete the documents if they are missing. If not, they will guide you on what to do.

Hire the Right Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Fayetteville

Under the law, every worker has the right to get compensation in case of an injury or illness caused due to working conditions. The right law firm will assign you an experienced workers compensation lawyer in Fayetteville that can help you in fighting your case. They will also give you a walkthrough of the various solutions you can opt for as well as bargain with your employer and the insurance companies.

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