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What Are The Most Common Causes for Distracted Driving Accidents in Arkansas?

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes for accidents in the United States. People don’t realize that, when they take their eyes off the road for a few seconds, the results can be disastrous. Many experts say that taking your eyes off the wheel for just three seconds is like driving across a football field with your eyes closed.

As you can imagine, a lot of damage can be done in these three seconds. No matter how hard the police in Arkansas try to curb distracted driving, people still tend to do it. Most people admit that they text and drive at least a few times a week. Many more admit that they do things like eat or fiddle with their radio when they should be concentrating on the road. 

Car accident lawyers in Arkansas see more than their fair share of distracted driving accidents. Thankfully, most of these crashes are minor and nobody is seriously injured. However, hundreds of people die every year in Arkansas as a result of distracted driving accidents. That’s why it’s so important that people avoid doing this at all costs.

If you’ve been injured in a distracted driving accident, then you need to contact our office. We’ll work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. This way, you can focus on recovering from your injuries while we deal with the legal side of things.

Texting and Driving is One of the Most Common Types of Distracted Driving

Most people realize that texting and driving is one of the most dangerous types of distracted driving. When people are texting, they can’t possibly see what’s going on with the road. They are looking at their phone and using at least one of their hands to text back. If people realized that no text is so important that it’s worth risking their lives, fewer people would be hurt every year.

It’s against the law to text and drive in Arkansas. Yet people do it all the time. For some reason, they think it’s more important to respond to a text than it is to stay safe. The problem is, they’re putting more than their own lives at risk. They’re risking the lives of every other person on the road.

There are Other Types of Distracted Driving

Texting and driving is not the only type of distracted driving. People do all sorts of things they shouldn’t do when they’re driving. Some of these include the following:

  • Eating or drinking – People tend to grab food on the. Whether they’re on their way to work or on their lunch break, they decide to eat in their car. And because people are so busy, they try to do two things at once. Multitasking is never a good idea when you’re driving. People get hurt and even killed.
  • Changing the radio station – A lot of people still listen to the radio when they’re in the car. Even if they have streaming radio, they change the station from time to time. When people are more concerned with music than they are with the car in front of them, bad things happen. And these bad things usually involve other people.
  • Putting on makeup or grooming – Believe it or not, it is not just women who groom while they’re in the car. Some guys decide to shave or style their hair while driving. Women put on makeup or jewelry. If you’re busy doing this, then you can’t possibly have your eyes on the road. 

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If you’re hurt in a distracted driving accident, you need help. While there is no law saying you have to hire a car accident lawyer to handle your case, it really is a good idea. At least meet with one of our experienced injury lawyers to find out what kind of case you have. For all you know, you may not be entitled to any damage at all.

Or, you may have a pretty strong case. Sit down with someone who’s handled dozens of cases like yours before. They know what it takes to prove the other driver was at fault. They can also negotiate with the defendant’s insurance company and try to settle your case.

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