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Two Women Killed in Danville When Car Runs Off Road

A lot of times when we hear someone was killed in a car accident, we automatically ask, “Who was at fault?” That makes sense. Most car accidents do involve more than one party. But what about single car accidents? Do we still need to ask the question about who was at fault? The answer is, yes – we do. Two Women Killed in Danville When Car Runs Off Road.

On September 19th, a woman driving a 2004 Lincoln was going North on Arkansas Rt. 27. It was about 2:35 pm. All of a sudden, as she approached a curve in the highway, her car ran off the road and smashed into a tree.

Both the driver, Patricia Jones and her passenger, Nancy Robinson died as a result of the accident. Jones was 28 years old and her passenger was just 26. Sadly, we hear stories just like this every day.

According to authorities, more than 350 motorists have died so far this year in accidents on Arkansas roads. In a lot of these cases, the exact cause of the accident is never determined. That may be the case with the crash in Danville.

For the families of the deceased, it’s not enough to say there is no confirmation of what happened. Did Ms. Jones’ brakes fail her? Was there something in the middle of the road that she was trying to avoid hitting? We may never know.

In cases like this, the families of the victims want answers. They want answers and they want justice. We imagine the surviving family members may decide to file claims against Jones’ insurance company. However, nothing can really happen until the police complete their investigation.

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