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Tractor-Trailer Crash in Clark County Sends 2 to Hospital

Police responded to a multi-vehicle crash on Interstate-30 on October 7. They received a report of a tractor-trailer crash in Clark County at about 4 pm. They had just gotten done tending to another accident on the same stretch of road moments before. Apparently, it was the heavy traffic due to this earlier accident that police believe led to the second accident at 4 pm.

Traffic on the Interstate was at a standstill due to the earlier accident. Right near mile marker 78 near Caddo Valley, a tractor-trailer was driving in the eastbound lanes when he couldn’t stop fast enough. He ended up crashing into 3 passenger vehicles at the same time.

The trucker also ended up smashing into two other commercial vehicles after hitting the cars. The crash would take the authorities more than 2 and a half hours to clear. During this time, traffic was once again at a standstill.

One of the drivers had to be airlifted to Little Rock Hospital. Another was transported to Arkadelphia Hospital by ambulance. There have been no details given on their medical condition or the severity of their injuries.

Investigations into the tractor-trailer crash in Clark County are ongoing, and the police seem to think the commercial vehicle was at fault. They have not released the names of any of the victims. Nor have they provided the name of the company the tractor-trailer was working for.

Once the investigation is complete, all of the victims will likely have a potential legal claim against the trucker and his employer. Even the victims who were not injured may have a claim for damage to their vehicles.

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