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Pope County Police Make Arrest in Deadly DUI Crash in Russellville, Arkansas

The Pope County police made an arrest this week for a DUI crash that happened in December in Russellville, Arkansas. Back on December 14, the police were called to a crash scene at about 1:30 am. When they arrived at the scene, they found a woman who was presumably the driver sitting on the sidewalk outside the wreck of her car.

The woman was identified as the driver of a 2006 Ford Explorer. Her name is Angelica Perez, a 32-year old woman from Russellville. She had been driving the car when she lost control and the car veered off to the left shoulder. Then her car ended up hitting a concrete median.

When the car hit the median, the female passenger in the car was thrown and ejected from the vehicle. When the police arrived at the crash scene, the passenger’s body was found outside the Ford Explorer. The passenger was identified as Ileana Cruz. She was from Dardanelle, Arkansas. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The police found the driver on the sidewalk. She was transported to St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center where she was treated for her injuries. Per the police request, the hospital took a blood sample from the driver so they could test her blood alcohol concentration. This week, the sample came back and showed that the driver had a BAC of 0.183, more than twice the legal limit.

After the results came in, Perez was arrested and charged with negligent homicide while driving under the influence. She is now booked into the Pope County Jail. The victim’s family will likely be able to pursue a claim against Perez and her insurance company.

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