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Man Dies in Springdale Auto-Pedestrian Accident

A male Centerton resident passed away from injuries sustained in a Springdale auto-pedestrian accident on Sunday, January 24th. He was identified as David Brandly, 26.

According to the report, multiple vehicles struck the victim. The crash report released by the Arkansas State Police placed Brandly in the middle lane of Interstate 49. It is near Exit 72 (Sunset Avenue). 

At about  6:27 p.m., a southbound vehicle struck the victim. The report noted that two oncoming vehicles struck the man for a second and third time. The police did not state why Brandly was in the roadway. 

At the time of the Springdale auto-pedestrian accident, the weather condition was clear, and the road dry. The cause of the accident remains unknown. The investigation is ongoing. 

Auto-pedestrian accidents are not uncommon. They happen more frequently than most people think and often end fatally for the pedestrian. A person who survives usually suffers severe injuries that would likely impact their life quality.

Wounds like spinal cord injuries and broken bones resulting in amputations affect a victim’s life. When this happens, the person is entitled to recover damages from the at-fault driver. However, the victim must prove that they had no part in the cause of the crash.

Not sharing fault covers using the designated crosswalk or sidewalk when the accident occurred. The pedestrian must show that they were not taking part in dangerous road behavior like jaywalking or texting. 

Drivers won’t be liable for an auto-pedestrian crash if they stopped before a crosswalk and didn’t run a stop sign or red light. Proving all these in court can be tricky. Thus, it is vital to hire an Arkansas car accident attorney to liaise with the investigators, provide legal advice, and for representation. 


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