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Jason Hatfield Testifies at the Arkansas State Capitol

In the 2017 Arkansas Congressional Session, the insurance industry and big business proposed six new bills to limit injured worker benefits. One of the bills proposed would have limited death benefits to widows and their children to only 450 weeks. Obviously young children would still be in school when those benefits ended, and this bill would have only benefited insurance companies. Insurance companies and big businesses are looking out for profits not the families of workers killed on the job. I testified against that bill to the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee, and the bill failed in the Senate.

The Senate committees do not record these hearings. So, I’ve attached a video of my testimony to the House Insurance and Commerce Committee that proposed to take advantage of injured workers that do not hire their own attorney. Insurance companies pay their lobbyists thousands of dollars to testify for these bills. I don’t get paid to testify and in fact it takes away time from my practice. I do it because it’s the right thing to do, and because I do care about injured workers and their families.

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