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High School Student Killed in Car Accident in Arkansas

A parent’s worst nightmare is learning that their child has been killed in a car crash. Sadly, for the parents of a young high school student in Montgomery County this week, that nightmare became a reality a high school student killed in a car accident.

A young man and his two friends from school were driving in a 1990 Jeep Wrangler Sunday evening when tragedy struck. The car veered across the center line. When the driver tried to correct the car, he overcompensated and the car drove off the main road.

The car then hit an embankment and flipped over, ejecting the driver and his two passengers. All three were students at Lake Hamilton High School in Montgomery County.

The driver was killed and the other two were rushed to the hospital. There doesn’t seem to be any other cars involved in the crash and the road conditions were clear. It seems that this was truly an accident.

For the parents of the two boys who survived the crash, they’ll have to make a decision. The students suffered very serious injuries that may take time and a lot of money to heal. The families will have no choice but to file a claim against the driver’s insurance policy.

This can be hard for a lot of people. They feel as if they’re hurting the memory of the boy who passed by doing this. Or, they’re afraid they’ll look like bad people by looking to have their medical expenses covered.

It’s important at times like this to contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Arkansas. Let them deal with the legal side of things while your family fights hard to recover from your tragedy. We imagine that’s what will happen here for the families of the two boys who survived the wreck.

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