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Henderson Crash Kills 2 and Leaves Child Injured

The Arkansas State Police responded to a crash Tuesday in Henderson. They knew the accident involved two vehicles. It wasn’t until they got to the scene that they learned how devastating the accident really was.

The crash happened at about 8:30 on Tuesday, June 8. The police arrived at the scene on U.S. Highway-62 near Crystal Cove Road. They found two vehicles at the scene, both of which sustained heavy damage.

Apparently, a woman driving a Ford in the Eastbound lanes of the highway lost control of her car. She crossed the center line and proceeded to drive into oncoming traffic. Her vehicle struck a Toyota that was coming in the opposite direction. She hit the woman head-on.

The woman driving the Ford was 41-year old Norra Haddock of Salem, Arkansas. The other woman was 37-year old Yvette Stroud of Henderson. In the car with Stroud was her child. The police haven’t released the name or exact age of the child.

When the police got to the accident scene, they learned that both drivers had passed away from their injuries. They were pronounced dead at the scene. The child was also injured but was taken to Cox South Hospital. There has been no update on the child’s condition, but they did expect the child to survive.

The investigation is still ongoing. The police confirmed that the roads were dry, and it was cloudy. They haven’t indicated if drugs or alcohol played a part in the crash.

The family of Yvette Stroud may have a possible legal claim against the estate of the other driver. It will depend on what the investigation reveals. If they can prove Haddock caused the crash, they’ll have a case for wrongful death against her estate and the insurance company.

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