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Healthcare Workers in Arkansas Infected with Coronavirus

It is impossible to live anywhere in the world at the moment and not be aware of the COVID-19 virus. While the United States is the latest country to be significantly impacted by this pandemic, there is not a state in the country that hasn’t been hit by the virus. Arkansas is not exempt.

As of this past weekend, there had been 12 cases of COVID-19 in Arkansas. These numbers are increasing every day. Nationally, there are more than 2,000 cases and close to 100 deaths. So far, there have been no deaths in Arkansas, but that can change.

Three of the most recent diagnosed cases in Arkansas are that of healthcare workers from Jefferson Regional Medical Center. These cases are said to be related to the original Arkansas case located in Pine Bluff.

The hospital is doing everything they can to protect their healthcare workers. Unfortunately, these are the people on the front line and they are at greater risk of infection. Local hospitals are setting up tents outside the hospital for testing patients. And the hospitals are trying to keep COVID-19 patients separate from the general population. However, as the number of cases continues to increase, this will become increasingly impossible.

Arkansas has taken the following steps to try to combat the illness:

Governor Asa Hutchinson has marked the Division of Emergency Management alert to Level 1

They have worked toward making testing more available. They’re also trying to get people test results in as little as 6 hours rather than 2-3 days.

Hospitals are doing everything they can to protect the health and safety of their workers.

If you or your loved one work in an area affected by the COVID-19 virus, you can contact our personal injury firm to find out what your rights are.



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