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Fayetteville Man Killed in Hit and Run Accident

The police in Fayetteville, Arkansas are asking for the public’s help this week in identifying the culprit in a hit and run accident that left one man dead. The police responded to the report of a crash at about 7:18 pm Saturday night. The accident happened on July 18, 2020.

Apparently, a man had been walking on the sidewalk along the Intersection of West Cleveland Street when he was mowed down by an SUV. Witnesses say that the car that hit the man was a black Nissan Xterra. They did not know the license plate or year of the automobile that hit the man.

When the police arrived on the scene, they found 34-year old Ryan Renfro from Fayetteville lying on the ground. The young man had been seriously injured in the accident and did not survive his injuries.

One witness said they tried to chase down the man driving the SUV that struck and killed the victim. Unfortunately, they were not able to catch up to the suspect. The police said they have reliable information that the vehicle was a black Nissan Xterra with a luggage rack on the back.

The police are asking for anyone with cameras or businesses near the intersection of Cleveland Street and Sunset Drive for help. They’re hoping someone captured the vehicle on camera. This will go a long way toward tracking the suspect down. They are also hoping somebody may have more information on the crash.

There has not been a statement released from the victim’s family yet. Once the investigation is complete, the family will likely have a wrongful death claim against the driver. They just need to be able to track him or her down.

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