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Volunteerism is vital in any community to help people in need and to make it a better place to live. Over the years our law firm has had the opportunity to volunteer with various organizations but most recently we were approached to serve on the selection committee with our local Habitat for Humanity chapter. The work has been very rewarding and we would like to share a little information about this organization.

Habitat for Humanity is one of the best organizations that help people get their own homes. You’ll find a local Habitat for Humanity chapter in Washington County, and they would love to have you join them. They build homes for people in the community and make it possible for those struggling to make their lives better to own their own homes.

The Habitat History

Habitat for Humanity was first founded in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller. Their goal was to stamp out homelessness globally. The revolutionary idea was to partner with local communities and build homes to be sold to qualified, low-income individuals or families. There have been 57 homes built in Washington County since 1991.

Habitat thrives on donations of building materials, money, or sales stemming from Habitat ReStore. The money goes towards rehabilitating or building simple homes with the help of local volunteers. Once the construction of the homes is completed, they are sold to low-income partner families at no profit and financed with no-interest loans.

Habitat launched a five-year campaign in 2019 to mobilize local partners, volunteer organizations, and community members across the nation via their Cost of Home Campaign

How to Help Habitat for Humanity

The best way to help Habitat for Humanity is to get involved. You can do that in several ways, such as:

  • Donate – A one-time donation, monthly donations, or personal stock.
  • Provide – Gently used or new furniture, building materials, appliances, housewares.
  • Partner – Join forces with a local workplace, church, or corporate giving program.
  • Campaign – Help promote the policy behind Habitat and push for change at the local, state, and federal levels. Advocate for affordable, stable housing in the state and nationwide.
  • Volunteer – Join a local build event.
  • Sign Up – Work in the local Habitat ReStore.
  • Join – The Habitat Board as a member.
  • Serve – Offer to assist a Habitat Committee.
  • Create – Form a volunteer team/event with the community, a religious organization, or a business.

How to Qualify for a Habitat Home

The process to qualify for a Habitat home is as follows:

  • An applicant must show a need for improved, safe housing based on their current living conditions.
  • They must be a full partner during the process from start to finish by building their home, also called sweat equity.
  • They must show a willingness and the ability to repay a mortgage with the help of an economic interest-free payment plan.

We Need Advocates In The Community

At the Law Offices of Jason M. Hatfield, P.A, we advocate for those who need our help every day. We work with firefighters, police, retail workers, nurses, teachers, production workers, and other essential employees who have been holding the line against all odds in an upside-down world.

These workers need safe and affordable houses to call home. We need community advocates to help change systems and policies that put barriers in place instead of helping lift people up.

Donate, become an advocate or find volunteer opportunities here: Find Your Local Habitat and enter your zip code. The link offers websites to all Habitat Chapters located near you. Join the vision of living in a world where everyone has an affordable and decent place to live.

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