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Do I need to file for TPD?

You are not required to file for Temporary Partial Disability (TPD), as your insurance carrier or the company you work for should provide your medical care, applicable disability benefits and also file all the mandated reports with the Arkansas Workers Compensation Commission. 

This may not happen in all cases, and if the company you work for is not doing what is required by law, reach out and connect with the dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys at the Law Office of Jason M. Hatfield. Act quickly to protect your legal rights to workers’ compensation.

If an injured worker can return to work in a limited capacity while healing from their injury, they may be eligible for TPD. TPD benefits provide 66 and two-thirds percent of the difference between a worker’s pre- and post-injury average weekly wage. The AWCC sets the minimum and maximum benefits each year. These benefits are available while the worker is healing from their injuries.

Anything can happen while a worker is receiving TPD benefits, and if you are cut off early, your employer won’t let you return to the position or wage you were in before being injured, or you are asked to resign or quit your job, contact the Law Office of Jason M. Hatfield immediately.

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