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Death Toll on Arkansas Roads Hits 370 Due to 2 Fatal Crashes on Saturday

The death toll on Arkansas roads hits 370 as a woman lost her life Saturday in a crash that happened on Arkansas Interstate 275. Juridisha Betters was driving northbound on 275 when her car crashed into a tree. Betters lost control of her 2012 Toyota while attempting to navigate a curve on the highway.

When she lost control, her car spun out, causing her to cross two lanes of traffic. Her car finally stopped when she drove into a ditch and hit a tree. Betters was killed instantly.

There were also two little girls in the car with Betters. Both of them were injured and taken to the hospital. Their names have not been released. Nor has their medical condition.

Officers said the roads were dry at the time of the crash so they’re not sure what happened to the car. However, this isn’t the only motorist who lost control of their vehicle Saturday on Arkansas roads.

Just two hours after Betters crashed on Interstate-275, a person driving a motorcycle on Interstate-49 also lost control of their bike. Todd Wright, a 58-year old man from Kingville, Missouri had traveled to Arkansas for the annual Bikes, Blues and BBQ festival. Something happened to the rear tire on his bike and he lost control.

Wright was injured and taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, his passenger, Stephanie Wright, was killed in the crash. Authorities say there is no information on exactly what happened, but the driver reported that there was a malfunction on the rear tire of his 2010 Triumph.

This brings the death total on Arkansas highways for this year up to 370.

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