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Adoption Fraud Investigation – Man Accused of Six Adoption Frauds

Man accused of six adoption frauds. Maricopa County Superior Court came out with information about six more pending adoptions through Paul Petersen. The man is a Maricopa County Assessor held in federal custody. He is accused of international adoption fraud.

Media Relations Office for Superior Court in Maricopa County stated that they had confirmed the existence of six pending petitions to adopt before the Maricopa County Superior Court. In the same court, Paul Petersen, Esq. is the attorney of record.

However, Mr. Peterson is accused of adoption fraud; for this reason, the matters have been reassigned to the Hon. Joseph Kreamer, Juvenile Court Presiding Judge.

The court will ensure whether the requirements of Arizona law are followed by every party. The adoption is in interest for each of the six children.

Releasing additional case information for any pending adoption matter is prohibited by Arizona Statue; thus it will remain confidential.

So far, this is one of the most complicated cases. It elaborates criminal schemes that were not seen in recent years.

The Superior Court and DCS are not able to legally say where these children are and whether they have Marshallese birth mothers.

This case will be hard for the judges because they will have to research parts of the law they do not usually work with. Also, the case will be quite emotionally difficult because it involves children.

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