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70-Year Old Woman Killed in Head-On Crash in Cross County

Not many people are on the road at 6:45 a.m. on a Sunday in Arkansas. It’s probably the same no matter where you go. Even if you’re headed to church, this still seems a bit early. Karroll Rutherford must have had somewhere to go because she was on US-1 that morning. A 70-year old woman killed in head-on crash in Cross County.

Rutherford, a 70-year old woman from Cross County was on US Highway-1 when she crossed the center line into oncoming traffic. Her car ended up in a ditch. Instead of staying and waiting for help, the woman somehow made her way back into traffic.

When she entered the lane, she was on the wrong side of the road. She ended up crashing head-on into another vehicle. Authorities said that it had been raining that morning, but there’s no confirmation that weather had a role in the crash. There is still no cause given as to why she drove into oncoming traffic the first time. There’s also no explanation as to why she pulled out of the ditch and drove right back into oncoming traffic.

The man she drove into was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. There is no update on his condition. Nor has his identity been released. The woman driving the other car, Karrolll Rutherford, was pronounced dead following the accident.

The investigation may still be ongoing. It could be that Rutherford had a medical issue immediately before or during the accident.

At this point, the man injured in the accident may have a potential claim against Rutherford. There has been no comment from him or his family.

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