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66-Year Old Man Dies in Two-Car Crash Near Brinkley, Arkansas

There seems to be more and more stories about people losing control of their vehicles and ending up in a serious crash. Sometimes these crashes involve other vehicles. Other times, the driver seems to lose control, leave the road and crashes into a tree or utility pole. Either way, the injuries suffered by the victims can be very serious – even fatal. This is what happened this past week in Brinkley, Arkansas.

66-year old Ronald B. Banks was traveling westbound on US-70 at about 7:18 a.m. when he lost control of his vehicle. He somehow managed to cross the center lane and drive into oncoming traffic. He crashed into a man driving a Chevy Silverado.

Both men were injured in the crash. The name of the other driver has not been released and he is listed as being in serious condition but is expected to survive. He is presumably still in the hospital or was treated and released for his non-life-threatening injuries.

Sadly, Banks died in the crash. The police haven’t indicated whether he was wearing a seat belt or not. They also haven’t indicated if alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash. However, we believe if this was the case, they would’ve mentioned it by now.

The road conditions were described as being dry, however, the cops said it was a bit cloudy at the time of the crash. Thankfully, no other vehicles were involved in the crash and Banks is the only one to have passed away in the crash.

There has been no comment by the victim’s family. The investigation is still ongoing and we imagine the police will look to determine the cause of the crash in due time.

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