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Bentonville Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Bentonville Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you have sustained an injury at work, you can claim workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is an insurance against work-related injuries and illnesses. You qualify for the compensation if you are injured while performing your duties. If you’ve been injured at work, its best to hire a qualified Bentonville workers’ compensation lawyer. Bentonville AR employees can reach out to the Law Office of Jason M. Hatfield, P.A. today to have their cases reviewed. 

Over the years, we have worked with a large number of Bentonville employees. Our attorneys work closely with the victims to make sure they receive fair compensation benefits. Typically, compensation benefits cover medical bills as well as wages lost due to a disability.

You are legally required to report the injury within a specific period. You must also undergo medical treatment to qualify for the benefits. Many employees are not aware of these requirements and end up disqualifying their claim to benefits. If you’ve suffered an injury at work, let us help you create a strong compensation claim.

Workers’ Compensation in Arkansas Infographic: What You Need to Know

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What Types Of Injuries Are Covered By Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation essentially covers all work-related injuries. These include slips and falls, burns and electric shocks, amputations, explosions, exposure to chemicals, and more. You can also claim comp benefits if another person attacks you and causes you physical harm on the job. Other health problems caused by the nature of your work can also qualify for workers’ compensation.

It doesn’t matter if the injury was caused by a mistake you made. The only exceptions are if you deliberately caused the injury, were intoxicated or indulged in horseplay. As per Arkansas law, you qualify for the compensation benefits only if your company has 3 or more employees.

What To Do After I Am Injured At Work?

The first thing you should do is to contact your supervisor or employer. You are required by law to report the injury to the employer to qualify for compensation benefits. However, make sure you don’t sign any unclear documents that the employer may provide you. Better still, run these documents by your Bentonville workers’ compensation lawyer. The lawyer will advise you on whether or not you are obliged to sign. If you don’t take adequate precautions, you may sign away your right to workers’ compensation.

If you are injured, you also need immediate medical care. If you refuse to accept medical care, your employer and the insurance company can hold it against you. This also affects your workers’ compensation claims. So whether it’s a minor or major injury, you must seek medical care and attention.

It is highly recommended that you consult your employer’s insurance carrier for medical recommendations. Ask them about recommended doctors and medical facilities. This will put you on the safe side and make sure your medical bills are covered. However, if you have prior approval to consult a doctor of your choice, you don’t need to do this.

Another important thing to do after an injury is to hire a Bentonville workers’ compensation lawyer. A lawyer will help you bring together relevant evidence and create a formidable claim. This is important as your employer will very likely contest the claim and try to fight it. So you will need to prove your claim in front of a team of lawyers. Having a lawyer of your own significantly improves your odds of success.

Why Do I Need A Bentonville Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

In most cases, employees meet strong resistance when they file for compensation claims. Lawyers representing your employer may try to portray your injury as insignificant. They may paint your injury as a pre-existing condition which has nothing to do with your job. These are all tactics to disqualify your claim and refuse it altogether. In some cases, your employer will try to downplay the injury to pay a smaller settlement.

It’s hard to face all of this on your own. You have to file your claim, present the evidence, and meet various other requirements. Failure to do any of this may end up disqualifying your claim. Our Bentonville compensation lawyers help you meet all the requirements and formulate a well-presented claim. An attorney can also help you counter the lawyers of your employer firm or the insurance company.

Here at the Law Office of Jason M. Hatfield, P.A., we have been representing injured workers for years. We know the courts, the employers, and the insurance companies. Above all, we know the workers’ comp law like the back of our hands. We can help you navigate this landscape with success and get the benefits you deserve. When you hire us, you are very likely to get a fair settlement.

How Do I Apply For Workers’ Compensation In Arkansas?

When you report a work-related injury to your employer, the employer notifies the company’s insurance carrier. This is typically done through a First Report of Injury or Illness filed by the employer with the carrier. You are then asked to undergo medical examination by a recommended doctor. You can also consult a doctor of your choice depending on your company’s policies.

If the employer and the insurance carrier accept your claim, you should receive the first compensation benefits within two weeks. If the claim is disputed, the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission (AWCC) steps in. This is a government body that aims to mediate workers’ compensation claims. AWCC calls upon you, your attorney, your employer, and the insurance company to discuss the claim. If the matter is still unresolved, you can file a claim for compensation.

You must follow the directions of the insurance company to qualify for compensation. These include consulting the recommend doctors and undergoing the recommended tests or procedures. Failure to do so can be used by the carrier against you in the court.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits – What Type of Disability Can I Claim Infographic

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What Benefits Are Included In Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is insurance against your work-related injury. So it compensates you for all the losses you incur because of that injury. Benefits primarily cover medical costs, including doctors’ bills as well as costs of medicine and tests. If you need rehabilitation or therapy as a result of the injury, these are also covered.

In addition, compensation benefits include lost wages. If the injury has left you unable to work for a specific period, you qualify for lost wages benefits. However, you qualify for the wage benefits if you are forced to miss work for more than seven days.

In case of a serious injury resulting in death, the family of the deceased can also seek death benefits. These cover funeral costs as well as lost wages for the family of the deceased.

We Handle A Variety Of Personal Injury Cases In Bentonville

Our personal injury attorneys have been working with Bentonville residents for many years. If you have suffered a personal injury and qualify for a claim, we make sure that you get it. We handle personal injury claims related to truck accidents, car accidents, medical malpractice or neglect, and other cases. Our aim is to help you get fair compensation for the loss you have suffered.

Car Accidents: Automobile accidents can lead to physical pain, disability, and even death in more serious cases. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, you know that it’s a very traumatic experience. The medical bills and legal problems only compound the problem. We are here to help you by providing legal aid to seek compensation when possible.

Trucking Accidents: Trucking accidents cause significant damage and serious injuries. Some of these injuries can be debilitating, significantly affecting the victim’s quality of life. If you have been injured in a trucking accident, we help determine the guilty party. We also assist you in seeking fair compensation from trucking companies, insurance carriers, or any other parties.

Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcycle accidents are quite common. If you’ve been in one, you have to deal with medical bills, paperwork, and other hassles. It’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed by all of this. You may end up settling for a small amount when you qualify for a larger sum. This is why it is important to hire a Bentonville motorcycle accident attorney to help you file the compensation claim.

Nursing Home Abuse: Here at the Law Office of Jason M. Hatfield, P.A., we work with nursing home abuse victims. If you or a loved one has suffered neglect, medical malpractice, or any other form of nursing home abuse, contact us. We ensure that you get damages and fair compensation from the nursing home or any other guilty party.

Wrongful Death: The untimely death of a loved one can be devastating. It also puts the emotional and financial lives of the dependents in jeopardy. As per law, you can seek compensation for wrongful death if you are among the dependents. Such compensation covers the financial and emotional loss you face because of the death.

We Offer Free Consultations For Your Workers’ Comp Case

It can be hard to face the medical bills and time away from work after you’ve suffered a work-related injury.  This is why it is so important to file for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits help you get through a tough period. They also let you stay financially afloat if you are unable to work for a period.

The Law Office of Jason M. Hatfield, P.A. works with injured workers all across Bentonville AR. We help you recover lost wages, pay your medical bills, and recover without worrying about the money. Our workers’ compensation lawyers work closely with you to make sure you get a settlement you deserve. So make no delays and call us today to discuss your case.


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