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Jason M. Hatfield Voted by Peers as President of the Washington County Bar Association

In 2012, Jason M Hatfield was voted by his peers to be President for the Washington County Bar Association because of his continued support and dedication to the residents of Washington County residents and to the law.  Since 1997, Jason has been an active member of Washington County Bar Association and he consistently attends meetings.

Significance of the Washington County Bar Association

In 1960, The Washington County Bar Association was started with only a group of 40 lawyers.  The Association was created to support lawyers and residents living in the Washington County area with their legal needs.  With population growth in Washington County over the past four decades number of lawyers and staff who work in the legal field continues to grow.

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Every case has its own facts, and past results can be predictive of the future results.  Jason M. Hatfield has a record of helping his injured clients by obtaining settlements and verdicts for their losses.  If you are looking for an experienced attorney who understands the law then call the Law Office of Jason M. Hatfield, P.A. today, at 479-361-3575, for your free consultation.

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