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What Injuries Are Covered Under Workers’ Compensation in Fayetteville

What Injuries Are Covered Under Workers’ Compensation in Fayetteville

Work injuries are an unfortunate reality for millions of people every year. They have the potential to be serious, painful and life-changing events. If you have suffered an injury or illness at work, workers’ compensation may be available to cover your medical expenses and lost income.

The types of injuries that are covered by workers’ compensation often depend on what you do. It is a widely held misconception that only those who do physical labor or work with machinery will be seriously hurt at work. This is not true – people who work in office environments and other white-collar jobs can also be injured.

Workplace Injuries Covered by Workers’ Compensation

Whether you work on a construction site or behind a desk, you are at risk of being hurt at work. This could be in a one-time accident resulting from repetitive motions or long-term exposure to harmful substances. Some common workplace injuries include:

• Back injuries
• Neck injuries
• Broken bones
• Lacerations
• Burns
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Vision or hearing loss
• Occupational diseases (caused by exposure to toxins or carcinogens at work)
• Mental health conditions 

It is possible to get hurt at work and not qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. An injury not within the scope of employment is not usually covered, such as when commuting to work, on a meal break or during optional recreational activities. Injuries resulting from the employee’s negligence will usually also be denied. This could be related to alcohol or drug use or something like a fight between workers. 

What To Do If You Are Hurt at Work

After being hurt while working, the first thing you should do is report the injury to a supervisor, manager or Human Resources. Your employer should have a protocol for doing this. If you are able, you will fill out an incident or accident report detailing what happened. 

Next, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible. If the injury is serious, an ambulance might be called. If it is less urgent, you might be sent to a company-approved doctor for assessment and treatment. You must use the providers that your employer works with; otherwise, your claim could be denied. This is a condition of receiving workers’ compensation benefits in Arkansas. 

The doctor will assess the seriousness of your injuries and determine which treatments are necessary. This information can affect the amount of your settlement or how long your benefits will last. 

Your employer will submit a claim to the insurance company. If your claim is denied, a workers’ comp attorney can help you file an appeal. Although there are legitimate reasons for a claim to be denied, it should be approved if you have met certain requirements.
How a Fayetteville Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Could Help

A workers’ compensation attorney will first evaluate your case and give you an idea of how much your case is worth and which course of action is ideal. There are a few ways for someone who was hurt on the job to be compensated for their damages. Some are paid workers’ comp benefits through their employer’s insurance, while others can pursue a lump sum settlement through a personal injury claim. Your attorney will handle the details of either option so you can focus on healing from your injury and recovering your life. 

Your attorney will get you the benefits to which you are entitled. If there is an issue and you are denied care or benefits, they will find out why and fix the situation. This could involve proving that you were injured at work or communicating with your employer and their insurance company. 

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